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Learning to Improvise and Other Lessons in Leadership from Music

When I was five years old, I received my first electronic keyboard. I would pretend to play along to the cheesy, pre-programmed elevator-esque music, letting the machine do the heavy lifting.

How to Successfully Navigate the Challenges of Agile Transformation

In part one of this blog series about Agile transformation, we discussed the key principles underlying an organizational culture that will support this shift.

Cancel, Postpone, or Virtual: How to Make the Best Decision for Your Organization During COVID-19

Rapid movement to mandatory telework and the increase of event cancelations or postponements leave leaders in a difficult position: How do I successfully preserve the continuity of operations while respecting the wellbeing of staff operating in a fully remote environment? 

Team Building Activities for Virtual Teams

Humans are naturally social beings. As we find ourselves sheltering in-place and socially distancing in order to flatten the COVID-19 curve, many of us are struggling with the sudden shift from daily in-person interactions to screen based communication.

How to Embrace an Agile Culture at Your Organization

With the uncertainty of changing customer needs, an increasingly diverse workforce, and a barrage of new technology, organizations must constantly adapt to meet evolving market demands.