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Chris McGoff

5 minute read
Chris McGoff • 01.02.2018
Peak performance cultures maintain a felt sense of creative tension. Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline, says creative tension is the “gap between vision and current reality. It is a source of energy. If there were no gap, there . . .
5 minute read
Chris McGoff • 12.20.2017
As business leaders we routinely find ourselves in the middle of arguments. At least we hope so. Because the more passion we generate about our company and its mission, the more our people will engage in arguments about strategy, structure, budgets, and . . .
5 minute read
Chris McGoff • 11.21.2017
"And it is my pleasure to introduce Chris McGoff. Chris is …” As a professional speaker, I hear myself introduced all the time. My host usually reads an introduction that I wrote, so I was surprised by my negative reaction when . . .
Strategy Leadership
5 minute read
Chris McGoff • 10.18.2017
Leaders and employees who are ready to move up in the ranks see opportunities to get involved and make significant contributions all around them. To be successful, it’s critical to focus on the right activities with the right people in . . .
Customer Experience
4 minute read
Chris McGoff • 09.19.2017
How often do you hear organizations talk about the importance of accountability or personal responsibility? It’s listed in their core values, encouraged between employees, and promoted with customers. Since accountability is a critically important driver of success, more organizations should . . .
5 minute read
Chris McGoff • 07.17.2017
“Tell me the single most important piece of advice you have ever been given.” As a life-long learner, this is one of my favorite questions to ask some of my most influential and interesting clients. I once posed this question to . . .
6 minute read
Chris McGoff • 03.29.2017
The best and worst part of leading a company is the inevitable confrontation of one’s self. The job is like looking into a mirror in a fluorescent-lit bathroom. You can’t escape the details staring back at you, no matter how . . .