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The Human Reboot: Why Fully Depowering is Critical

We’ve all been there. In fact, many of us are there right now. As we adjust to a new way of living, which for many of us means working from home, we close our laptops each afternoon or evening to call it a day and open that same laptop back up again the next morning. As the days become weeks, we notice our machines running slower, and with perceptibly more effort.

Harnessing Flow to Drive Outcomes

Remember back to a time when you focused on a particular task so wholly that time melted away. Upon the wildly successful completion of said task, you snapped back to yourself only to realize that the sun had set, your belly was clamoring for cheese fries, and you had 71 unread messages on the group text.

Harnessing Flow to Drive Organizational Outcomes

In February, I explored the topic of Flow and provided tips on how to harness Flow in service of the outcomes that matter most to you – at work and in life. Fresh off the new year, so much felt possible. In so many ways, the world has changed drastically since we took our first look at Flow together.