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Hans Manzke

6 minute read
Hans Manzke • 01.31.2023
As I closed our meeting and bid farewell to 25 attendees from around the country, I first looked at my teammates from The Clearing, then out a nearby window to take in the hustle and bustle of humans near the . . .
Culture Leadership
8 minute read
Hans Manzke • 10.24.2022
Several of our colleagues recently revealed the most-asked questions they receive about our work at The Clearing. So far, we’ve covered FAQs around Customer Experience (CX), Hybrid Workplaces, Shared Services, and Workplace Culture. Today, we’ll focus on Organizational Capability (OC) . . .
Leadership Strategy
6 minute read
Hans Manzke • 02.11.2022
Two information-sharing sites (or intranets). Neither being used effectively – or much at all. Siloes reinforced and collaboration reduced. What to do? That’s the challenge the CIO of a D.C.-area local government brought to us at The Clearing. This leader . . .
8 minute read
Hans Manzke • 06.08.2021
Tell us a little bit about yourself. I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX as the child of high school teachers. My mom taught Spanish and my dad taught calculus and computer science. Growing up in that environment . . .
Leadership Strategy
7 minute read
Hans Manzke • 09.01.2020
In February, I explored the topic of Flow and provided tips on how to harness Flow in service of the outcomes that matter most to you – at work and in life. Fresh off the new year, so much felt possible. In . . .
6 minute read
Hans Manzke • 06.09.2020
We’ve all been there. In fact, many of us are there right now. As we adjust to a new way of living, which for many of us means working from home, we close our laptops each afternoon or evening to . . .
5 minute read
Hans Manzke • 02.25.2020
Remember back to a time when you focused on a particular task so wholly that time melted away. Upon the wildly successful completion of said task, you snapped back to yourself only to realize that the sun had set, your . . .