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Pro Tips: The Keys to Successful Virtual Meeting Facilitation

The Link between Physical Workplace and Organizational Culture (and Why It’s Important)

Search for “culture in the workplace” books on, and you will receive over 7,000 results. Culture is a huge topic of interest for anyone passionate about the success of their organization, and at The Clearing, we’ve made culture our business.

How to Influence Your Organizational Culture around Internal Communications

As a leader, have you ever wondered why people aren’t understanding your strategy or intent? Or, as an employee, are you scratching your head at the lack of communication around key initiatives or policy changes in your organization?

Driving Your Desired Organizational Culture through Workplace Design

Interested in changing or influencing your organizational culture, but unsure of where to begin? You’re not alone. We often hear from leaders just like you who are not clear on how to get started, but there is a way you can begin taking small steps to positively transform your culture today.

Bolster the Success of Your Workplace Change with These 5 Criteria for a Successful Group of Change Champions

Change can have big impacts on an organization’s performance – and employees are experiencing changes in the workplace at an increasing rate.

4 Workplace Change Obstacles and How to Address Them

Any shift from the status quo in an organization can be hard for employees. Moreover, most leaders underestimate how open their employees are to change. According to Forbes, 37% of leaders think people like to remain in the status quo, compared to 45% of front line employees when asked the same question.