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Robyn Klem

6 minute read
Robyn Klem • 06.06.2023
Getting to know your customers has never been more important, and creating customer personas is a great place to start.
Customer Experience
8 minute read
Robyn Klem • 12.09.2022
Experiential Design 101 Experiential design can be many things to many people.  For me, it’s more about what experiential design does and how it makes you feel instead of what it is. I consider experiential design an emotion that is . . .
Customer Experience
5 minute read
Robyn Klem • 12.10.2021
I recently wrote a blog post in our “Buzzwords Defined” series covering Human-Centered Design. While today’s topic, visual consulting, isn’t what I’d consider a buzzword, it is something we consider a differentiator at The Clearing. It’s also the practice I . . .
Culture Customer Experience Leadership Strategy
3 minute read
Robyn Klem • 11.13.2021
Buzzwords. They’re everywhere. Certain buzzwords are so ubiquitous we laugh about them. Sometimes, we hear them – and let’s be honest, use them – without really understanding what they mean. Today, I have the pleasure of introducing a new blog . . .
Customer Experience