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Love Him or Hate Him, Tom Brady Has Mastered Performance and Here’s What We Can Learn From Him

Full disclosure — I’m not a sports guy. Don’t get me wrong, I play sports and lots of them. I just ended my fast-pitch baseball career last year, after all. However, Bud Light would never cast me in their chest-bumping-bowl-of-Utz-Party-Mix-spilling Sunday afternoon commercials. I just can’t get fired up about it.

Leading From Afar: Three Leadership Principles Emerging from COVID-19

As our world continues to grapple with what’s happening around us, everyone, including leaders, struggle to keep up with rapidly evolving conditions.

How to Be Really Good at Getting Other People to Say “Yes” to You – Good Looks Not Required

This blog is part of a series, Leading From the Middle. This series teaches you how to improve the system and show the Man that Millennials know how to get stuff done.

One Man’s Story of War and Peace

In our third episode, One Man’s Story of War and Peace, we speak with Professor Al Fuertes about his experience growing up in a war zone in the Philippines, and how that led him to become a practitioner in the field of conflict transformation.

Pushing the Perimeter Podcast: Democracy As We Know It: Going, Going, Gone

In our second episode, Democracy As We Know It: Going, Going, Gone, we take a look at how current events, specifically the Brexit, can be seen as catalysts for larger shifts in the way government works. We also examine possible aspects of that future bureaucracy, and we find out in some cases — that future is already here.

Telling the Story of STEM

In our first episode, Telling the Story of STEM, we sit down with industry leaders to learn about the looming STEM talent gap and what some of the world’s largest companies are doing about it. We also discuss the transforming education system and the key competencies leaders must have if they want to thrive in the future.

The Business Lesson I Learned From My Roomba

Charlie Munger, the equally successful yet less well-known partner of Warren Buffet, is considered to be the one of the smartest generalists of all time. His success is likely due to the fact that he finds a “lesson” in everything.

5 Obvious (and Not-So-Obvious) Tactics Federal Employees Can Use to Maintain Momentum During the Presidential Transition

On January 21st, a new chapter of the American story will begin. The transition will be a pivotal period for the new administration to set the stage for its path forward.