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Sonya Patel

7 minute read
Sonya Patel • 02.14.2023
Our consultants saw demand for Organizational Capability (OC) support increase over the course of 2022. With many workplaces still in a state of transition we expect that demand to continue as we move through 2023. Today, we’ll take a look . . .
Leadership Strategy
6 minute read
Sonya Patel • 01.28.2022
The Clearing has focused on meeting the needs of modern leaders since day one. Our founders envisioned a metaphorical clearing as a place where busy leaders could escape distractions and the demands on their time to think critically and clearly . . .
6 minute read
Sonya Patel • 12.17.2021
Federal leaders today have more customers than ever and more channels through which to reach them. Most recently, the President even highlighted this challenge with the new Executive Order seeking to transform the government’s federal customer experience. The ever-increasing access . . .
Leadership Customer Experience Strategy
5 minute read
Sonya Patel • 12.03.2021
How The Clearing Defines Strategy Strategy work in the federal space requires a high degree of alignment between key organizational leaders due to the continually changing landscape of federal agencies. Many times what people describe as “strategy work” is actually . . .