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Federal Outlook 2023: Finding Balance

What You Don’t Know About Leadership Alignment Can Hurt You

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How The Olympics Teaches Us About Self-Knowledge and Self-Mastery

As we are all glued to the television this week watching the riveting performances of the 2016 Olympics in Rio, it is a perfect opportunity to reflect on the latest insights on leadership and peak performance coming from premiere athletes and coaches in the world.

The Future of Workplace Transformation Relies on Employee Engagement

Last month, I participated on a workplace conference panel to discuss change management and workplace transformation. At The Clearing, we believe change management is a necessary component of successfully undergoing workplace initiatives, but at the conference it became apparent that this is still a relatively new concept.

Corporate Culture is the Key to Disarming Insider Threat

The evidence of the impacts and damage that insider threats could have to an organization is staggering. From data loss that derails services, to overwhelming financial burdens – not to mention the reputational cost — insider threat is a crucial issue for today’s executives.

Technology Is Not Enough – Cultivate Social Networks to Defy Insider Threat

Imagine a community-wide discussion focused on ways to address an active shooter. A federal agency convenes federal and local law enforcement, emergency services, and representatives from the agency’s command, including human resources, information technology, a continuity of operations component, and their insider threat program. Imagine the different perspectives, agendas, and cultural norms which might emerge from this group.

What You Consider a Whisper May Land Like a Shout–Instead, Get Curious

The gift of leading from the top of an organization is perspective. As President of The Clearing, I am granted access to a material amount of information, which is often presented in conjunction with other leaders’ insight.

How to Turn Failure into an Asset

My father has often reminded me that I, “cannot change the past, so just move on.” In principle, I agree… and yet, the past can have a real grip on me, and on the leaders I have the privilege of working with across the country.