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A Day in the Life of Dan Raudonis


A Day in the Life
of Dan Raudonis

6 Years

What attracted you to TC?

I was drawn to The Clearing’s focus on people and mission. It was clear from my research on the company and from the interview process that there was (and is) a real focus on understanding human dynamics. I see this in the care given within our teams, working with our clients, and welcoming new team members. Similarly, I feel that our consulting work is driven by that same curiosity and care. We really take the time to consider the people responsible for and impacted by the work we take on.

What keeps you at TC?

I learn every day from those around me. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a talented group of individuals from a variety of disciplines, including policy, organizational development, hard and soft sciences, and business. I emerge from every conversation having learned something new and I can feel myself continuously growing in my personal and professional lives as a result.

What is your typical TC day like?

My work is pretty varied and involves time spent writing, planning, brainstorming, meeting, and organizing. I typically meet with my teammates mid-morning to discuss items we are collaborating on or to plan for client engagements. We tend to work closely with our clients, including frequent meetings about how to approach a particular challenge or to make synchronous edits to a work product.

I’m always thinking about how to be a good teammate and partner to my clients and colleagues. For me, a lot of that manifests in being a really good listener and being willing to ask questions that help us clarify what we’re doing, why, and how to make sure we’re cognizant of the impacts it will have. Beyond my client work, I also have a role internal to the company focused on helping us build strong teams that serve our clients and help people grow as professionals. A lot of time in that role is spent meeting with TC teammates one-on-one to talk through their careers and identify opportunities for them to contribute across the team.

I thrive when I have plenty of opportunities to build strong relationships and I feel as though the balance of work that I have with clients and internal to TC allows me to do that.

In what ways have you grown since being at TC?

I’ve grown and learned over my time at The Clearing through formal training, from informal conversations, and immersion in an environment that’s very focused on personal and professional growth. I’ve also had the opportunity to support several projects that have helped me get a better understanding of how a consulting firm operates as a business.

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