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A Day in the Life of Gerald Johnson


A Day in the Life
of Gerald Johnson

Office and Facilities Coordinator
4 Years

What attracted you to TC?

The culture is what attracted me to TC. I like the collaborative nature of TC — it’s different from my previous career experience in a law firm. TC is friendly, family-oriented, and connected.

What keeps you at TC?

The fun activities that we do with each other. For example, I appreciate the team-building activities that occur inside and outside of work, such as baseball games, monthly firmwide meetings, and annual firmwide events. These are great for building morale. I also enjoy the service that we provide and the people who support me while doing it.

What is your typical TC day like?

In my role at TC, I ensure that our clients are comfortable, that things are in place to support staff members, and that our office equipment is working properly. I ensure supplies are prepared for offsite meetings and I serve as customer service and AV support liaison. I’m also available to assist with office and event services in any way that I can.

In what ways have you grown since being at TC?

I’ve grown in being able to make decisions in what’s best for the organization and our team members. I’ve learned to take on a leadership role when needed, as well as how to navigate and facilitate all workplace functions needed to help the organization operate successfully. I feel more confident in the decision-making process.

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