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Taking Action Toward a Better Employee Experience

Recognizing the need to improve employee experience, one federal agency department took measures to empower employees and create a better overall working environment. We worked directly with employees to understand the root cause, using those learnings to create a more open, trusting environment.


The 2018 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) results ranked this agency the best place to work in the federal government, an exciting achievement but not a sentiment held by every office. One department received some of the lowest scores across the agency. Burnout was high, trust and transparency were low, and employees were overwhelmed and felt undervalued without opportunities for career development.


Determined to improve the employee experience, the department partnered with The Clearing to develop a Voice of the Employee (VoE) program. We identified opportunities to enhance the overall employee experience by utilizing existing research and conducting employee interviews to establish an understanding of employee needs and priorities.


As a result of the VoE program, the department is experiencing a transformation toward behaviors that are more trusting and open, with employees taking more ownership in their individual roles in the culture. The department is on the path to an improved employee experience. As proof of the program’s efficacy, the 2019 FEVS scores showed marked improvement in several areas strategically targeted by the VoE program.

I can see the ROI on the work The Clearing has been doing within our teams to make them work better together.