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Introducing The Brain Science of Leadership in the Age of Ideas Masterclass


Tara Carcillo

Date Published

Jul 27, 2023
4 minute read
Futureworxs and The Clearing

We’ve said it before: modern leaders face a truly unique set of challenges. At The Clearing, we specialize in helping leaders navigate those challenges. As part of that work, we have developed a number of tools and trainings designed to equip leaders with the skills they need to thrive. We’re also continually scanning for additional cutting-edge leadership tools, resources, and partners to recommend to our clients — and with that — I’m pleased to announce The Clearing’s partnership with FutureWorxs.

FutureWorxs is a leading provider of innovative leadership learning solutions led by workplace futurist Mark Jacobsen, brain science expert Dr. John Medina, and strategist Jill Ginsberg. So, when they approached us about using The PRIMES as part of a new leadership course, we welcomed the conversation.

The result? The Brain Science of Leadership in the Age of Ideas Masterclass.

Futureworx and The Clearing

This interactive learning experience provides a deep dive into the critical topics of leadership that are essential to building a successful organization.

At the highest level, FutureWorxs and Dr. Medina have created an executive leadership e-learning course that provides a comprehensive understanding of human-centered leadership – all supported by evidence-based research. The course explores the latest research on how the brain works and how this knowledge can be applied to leadership and innovation. Through a combination of lectures, case studies, and practical exercises, participants will gain the knowledge and tools to become a human-centered leader, manage complexity, and unlock their team’s full potential in the new world of work.

We value this approach because it’s another tool to help meet our goal of aiding leaders in navigating the challenges inherent in modern business. I believe it’s particularly useful for organizations looking to develop their leadership bench. In our work, we’ve seen time and again that an organization is only as effective as its leadership “reserve.” Having the right leader in today’s environment is critical; however, having talent ready to step up if that person(s) leaves is often make or break. The Brain Science of Leadership in the Age of Ideas coursework helps organizations develop more effective leaders within their organizations to fill their own “reserve.”

If you’d like to learn more about enrolling your organization’s leadership cadre in the Brain Science of Leadership in the Age of Ideas, course details and additional information can be found here. We’re excited to launch this coursework and look forward to hearing how it helps your organization tackle modern leadership challenges.