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Takeaways from ACT-IAC’s Imagine Nation Conference


Tim Rund

Date Published

Nov 19, 2021
3 minute read
ELC Imagine Nation Conference

I recently had the pleasure of attending ACT-IAC’s ELC21 conference. It was fascinating to hear what federal government leaders are focused on as we head into 2022.

Here are my top three takeaways and what I’ll be keeping in mind as we shift into the new year.

1. Hybrid Work Will Remain a Hot Topic Throughout 2022

  • The government will continue to operate in a hybrid capacity throughout the next year. In other words, a blend of some people being in the office and some remote. The big takeaway? The government is still experimenting with the proper tools to leverage this type of work environment.
  • I also heard that some government workers are experiencing “FOMO” (that’s short for Fear Of Missing Out) and feel like they need to go into the office to be a part of the conversation; however, leaders must be intentional about when to bring folks back and why.

2. Serving the Citizen: The CX Focus Will Gain Momentum in 2022

  • A common thread throughout the conference was “serving the citizen.” In other words, it’s a welcome shift to a more customer-focused way of doing business for federal agencies. For me, it’s a breath of fresh air – I think it will result in a better citizen experience and a better employee experience, as well.

3. Shared Services as a Priority Stressed by Almost Every Speaker

Finally, consider this an open invitation to chat on any of these topics – especially if you couldn’t make it to SSOW or ELC21. You can reach me anytime at