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Simple Steps to Make the Most of Hybrid Meetings


Kelly Barlow

Date Published

Aug 12, 2021
3 minute read

I don’t know about you, but after working remotely for over a year, I finally have my operating procedures for virtual meetings locked down.

  • AirPods in
  • Camera on and angled at my good side
  • Chair positioned to ensure I’m getting the best light
  • Dogs out of the room and door shut
  • Business on top, joggers on the bottom

However, like many of you, I’m now heading back into the office and client sites a few days a week – which means I’m facilitating meetings and trainings with a mix of in-person attendees (masks on!) and virtual attendees. This hybrid environment requires that I am ultra-sensitive in ensuring all participants have a smooth and fulfilling experience, and that starts with tech setup. And just like fully remote meetings, we need to ensure we get our hybrid operating procedures down pat.


65% of respondents in a recent GBTA survey said they are interested in holding more hybrid meetings.


Thankfully, our Workplace Team developed a simple – but useful – checklist for ensuring your tech setup (including audio and video) is on point both in the room AND virtually. Some of it may seem basic, but I keep a printed copy with me as a reminder to ensure I’m considering the needs of all of my attendees no matter their location.

You can download it here. This simple checklist has prevented countless “echo chambers” and has helped me ensure participants tune in and engage vs. tune out and “multitask.”

That’s a win-win in my book.