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Welcome to Customer Experience MythBusters!


Yasmeen Burns

Date Published

Mar 25, 2020
4 minute read

At The Clearing, we have the privilege of working with leaders of organizations of all shapes and sizes who are transforming into customer-centric powerhouses. Customer Experience or CX is a buzzword that is popping up all over the place. What do we mean when we say CX? Is it a trend or is it here to stay? If you are a leader or part of an organization that wants to disrupt markets, beat the competition, modernize their organization, and stay relevant, keep reading.

We are all customers.

We demand organizations give us what we need when we need it while anticipating what we need next. We demand a painless and immediate resolution to any challenges and that we are never bounced around without getting results. We appreciate a personalized touch with each interaction. We know when we have an amazing experience and we definitely know when we have a bad one. Imagine yourself as a customer of your organization. Would you let yourself have a bad experience? 


We know that bad news travels fast.

According to Technical Assistance Research Programs’ (TARP’s) study*, an average of five people will hear about someone’s good experience but 10 will hear about a bad experience, in person. Bad news travels even further on the internet. Four times as many people hear about a negative experience than hear about a positive experience online. If that wasn’t harsh enough, for every unhappy customer, at least five of their friends will never interact with that organization again. Organizations cannot afford to have one bad customer experience.


We embrace the Customer Craze.

We stand for “customer craze” where organizations adapt to get ahead of their customers or are already behind their competition. According to the world-renowned strategist, Gerd Leonhard, ‘Humanity will change more in the next 20 years than the previous 300 years’. Organizations must act today and embrace their customer craze in a way that positively surprises their customers.

It’s never been more important to deliver a consistent, seamless, personalized experience for customers and to look toward the future to find innovative ways to anticipate their needs. So why are so many organizations behind on CX? Through our work, we have learned so much but found several misconceptions surrounding CX. In our following blog series, we’ll tackle some of the most common CX myths and offer actionable advice for putting the customer at the center of your organization. Look forward to our first installment of CX Mythbusters: CX Can’t be Quantified, coming soon.