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Organizational Culture

Building and sustaining a strong corporate culture requires an organization’s leadership and employees to put its values and beliefs into action.

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Approximately 88% of employees and 94% of executives believe that a strong company culture is key to business success. However, few organizations build and sustain a corporate culture with intent. This “default” culture can lead to struggles in productivity, customer satisfaction, retention, and more.

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At The Clearing, we define culture as values and beliefs in action, which are required to enable business and mission results. Our culture consultants collaborate with clients to explore the beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, and emotions of the individuals within the organization. From there, we join forces with leaders to align culture best practices and daily operations to meet the organization’s mission, vision, values, and business goals.

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The Clearing supported my organization in navigating significant workplace and cultural changes precipitated by our relocation to a brand new site. From day one, the team was wholly invested in helping our employees navigate the fear of the unknown, create and communicate new work norms, and develop resources and change champions. Nearly two years later, the reference materials developed by The Clearing remain a valuable tool in orienting new employees to our organization and the site.
Kim Unberhagen, U.S. Defense Contractor

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Clearing defines organizational culture as values and beliefs in action. The daily decisions and behaviors that your organization’s leaders encourage or tolerate have direct outcomes on business performance and mission results.

Intentionally aligning your organization’s culture with your team’s values and business objectives can result in the following benefits:

  • Heightened Employee Engagement
  • Improved Talent Attraction and Retention
  • Increased Productivity
  • Enhanced Innovation
  • Improved Communication
  • Better Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Adaptability to Change
  • Stronger Team Dynamics
  • Healthier Work-Life Balance
  • Improved Brand Reputation
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Improved Financial Performance

To improve corporate culture, our organizational culture experts push beyond “good” or “bad” definitions to examine the intentional actions your organization takes to build culture. When an organization lacks intentional culture-building, a “default” culture often develops that will rise or sink to the level of individual contributors.

To improve a “default” corporate culture:

  1. Define the business outcomes you want your organization to achieve
  2. Outline what actions will be necessary to achieve them
  3. Establish the daily behaviors your team will need to exhibit to deliver those actions and outcomes

The Clearing’s organizational culture experts have decades of experience with best practices that have helped large organizations build solutions that stick. That experience allows us to build customized solutions for each client’s unique culture and objectives by using a defined process to surface issues that are then solved through an agile, co-created transformation plan.

We use a three-phased approach to evaluate and support leaders during an organizational culture transformation. Specifically, we design our culture consulting approach to

  1. Establish leadership alignment across levels on desired outcomes
  2. Address the most immediate and important priorities, and
  3. Meet long-term organizational outcomes.

In The Clearing’s experience, organizations experiencing the following challenges benefit from organizational culture consulting:

  • Organizational restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Changes in executive leadership
  • New mandates and Executive Orders that require greater alignment between mission/vision and staff
  • Strategic planning and/or changes in strategic direction
  • Internally- or externally-driven  tensions impacting mission and staff
  • Increased and unexplained attrition impacting on mission
  • Increased number of performance issues
  • Poor employee engagement survey results