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Senior Principal

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One of my defining characteristics is my drive to help the U.S. government with its toughest problems. The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 occurred during a seminal time in my personal and professional development and they instilled a passion in me for serving the U.S. government and the American people. Nearly 20 years later, in the course of my career, I have lived out this passion through a unique blend of private sector and public service roles. There’s no better place to continue this journey than as a Senior Principal at The Clearing –  a company that has never encountered a challenge too tough to tackle and where I’ve found many like-minded colleagues. My experience at The Clearing has further enabled this passion through opportunities to support federal agencies with organizational alignment, strategic communications, customer service, and process improvement initiatives. Before joining The Clearing, I served as Chief of Staff for a senior vice president at the United Services Automotive Association, USAA. Prior to my time at USAA, I had the tremendous opportunity to serve as a civilian at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) for almost 10 years. I held a variety of roles, including leading strategic communications teams, managing relationships with key U.S. mission partners as an international desk officer, and an extremely gratifying and eye-opening opportunity to serve as the deputy Executive Officer on the personal staff of the Director of NGA, earning the prestigious NGA Distinguished Civilian Service Medal for my efforts. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in European History and French from Washington and Lee University and a Customer Experience certificate from the University of Richmond. In my spare time, I enjoy rooting for all Houston sports teams, wine tasting and Law and Order marathons with my husband, and finding any excuse to play in the sunshine with our daughter, Mary Dalton.

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