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Human Centered Design and Today’s Federal Government

Customer Experience Myth #1: CX Can’t be Quantified

Every organization exists and evolves because we, as customers, see value in our lives. In the broadest sense, a customer is anyone who interacts with an organization whether they are an employee, paying for a product/service, or simply seeking information. CX captures the full spectrum of interactions a customer has with an organization across their entire journey and how an individual feels about their experience.

CX MythBusters: Pizza Parties Increase Employee Experience

I’ve recently been rewatching The Office. If you’re a fan like me, you’re familiar with self-proclaimed “World’s Best Boss” Michael Scott and his frequent and desperate attempts to win the hearts and minds of his employees. Often Michael tempts staff with free food and social events: Pizza by Alfredo and “Movie Mondays.”

Need to Make A Decision? Step 1: Check Your Biases

As leaders of our organizations and teams, we are faced with the need to make critical decisions every day: Which candidate do I trust to hire? What new markets should I be looking to invest in?