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Every Picture Tells a (Better) Story

Don’t Let Workplace Re-Entry Become “Us vs. Them”

Hans Manzke: Get to know the Author of For All: Democratizing Big Ideas

Workplace Reentry: Don’t Throw the Champagne Out with the Cork

Love Him or Hate Him, Tom Brady Has Mastered Performance and Here’s What We Can Learn From Him

Full disclosure — I’m not a sports guy. Don’t get me wrong, I play sports and lots of them. I just ended my fast-pitch baseball career last year, after all. However, Bud Light would never cast me in their chest-bumping-bowl-of-Utz-Party-Mix-spilling Sunday afternoon commercials. I just can’t get fired up about it.

The Link between Physical Workplace and Organizational Culture (and Why It’s Important)

Search for “culture in the workplace” books on, and you will receive over 7,000 results. Culture is a huge topic of interest for anyone passionate about the success of their organization, and at The Clearing, we’ve made culture our business.

Learning to Improvise and Other Lessons in Leadership from Music

When I was five years old, I received my first electronic keyboard. I would pretend to play along to the cheesy, pre-programmed elevator-esque music, letting the machine do the heavy lifting.

Leading From Afar: Three Leadership Principles Emerging from COVID-19

As our world continues to grapple with what’s happening around us, everyone, including leaders, struggle to keep up with rapidly evolving conditions.

Leaders at Every Level: How to Turn Your Everyday Employees into Corporate Leaders

Today’s employees are increasingly concerned with job growth and advancement. Millennials, especially, are more likely to seek out positions in organizations that encourage them to grow and develop in their careers, and companies have caught on to the benefits of promoting leadership skills among all employees.

IT Mod Trailblazers Chapter 1: Just Get Started, featuring Rob Klopp

As we mentioned in our inaugural IT Modernization blog, IT Mod is a large organizational, financial, and cultural commitment. It can feel like an insurmountable task to steer your company in this new direction. Leaders we work with on IT Mod efforts often ask, “Where do I begin?”